The Dire State of the Second Crypto War

  • 2003: Patriot Act II is Drafted
  • 2007: Security Researchers discover NSA-backed encryption protocol has backdoors
  • 2008: FBI briefs lawmakers on encryption as a national security threat
  • 2011: The FBI’s tells public that “going dark” is hampering operations
  • 2012: FBI proposes legislation for a wiretap-friendly Web
  • 2013: Snowden exposes NSA’s global Internet surveillance program and NSA campaigns that break encryption
  • 2015: U.K. PM proposes banning end-to-end encrypted apps
  • 2015: Senate leaders announce plans for backdoor bill
  • 2016: Judge secretly orders Apple to help police hack iPhone and the San Bernardino iPhone court battle erupts
  • 2016: Senators unveil a bill mandating weakened encryption
  • 2016: U.K. law-enforcement officially confirms that new spy bill would let cops force companies to decrypt data



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Rick Deacon

Rick Deacon


Founder, Interlock. Hacker interested in startups, blockchain, and cars